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  William Greenhalgh Gedcom file

William Greenhalgh has given me his GEDCOM file and it is now a website right here at Greenhalgh web. 716 names including 42 Greenhalgh names are included in this huge addition to the website. This is a significant genealogy file so get a cup of tea/coffee and click here to find the link and find out about William Greenhalgh, Inventor, Genealogist, magician and Amateur Radio enthusiast.

Click here for Family history of William Greenhalgh

Searching for my family tree roots started when I was a grade school student while visiting relatives with my parents. The adults were having a good time, my sister brought a girlfriend and I got bored! I exclaimed there was know one for me to play with. My parents replied that many of my cousins lived near by. Who are they, where are they, when can I meet them? My father drew on a piece of paper a list of relatives and promised to take me to visit them when we came to visit another time. This stands vivid in my mind and occasionally we stopped to visit but it was always adults. At home my father would tell me stories about letters he saved from his father about England. When I was old enough to use a telephone book I had a competition with a friend looking up our last names in the book. Another time using the same telephone book I called the "relatives." Most people were at work and to call when my folk were home proved unproductive. The family moved to a different area in New Jersey. I found new names in the new telephone book. Now being of high school age and able to drive I visited with these newly found "relatives". But no one was really related. Being a saver at heart I kept the names. After graduating college found a renewed interest in finding out whom my ancestors were. I went to a seminar at a local computer festival, "How to select software for your family roots." This rekindled the hunt. The computer software gave me a way to organize all the information I have been collecting. Meeting and corresponding with wonderful people reward my efforts.

Another hobby of mine is Amateur Radio. I am very active with the local radio club. I have taken my turn to being a club officer and have contributed very much to the hobby. I hold an Extra Class License. My station call letter is W2NCN.

I am also an amateur magician a member of Society of American Magicians, The David Copperfield Assembly 161. I have taken my turn being an assembly officer.

I invent and hold three patents and when I can find the time I enjoy my sailboat. I helped several Boy Scouts and Explorer Scouts earn merit badges or just have a good time boating.

For Information on any of my activities please contact me via email greenhalgh@patmedia.net