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Website Dedicated to
the Memory of
Pvt. 353008
Joseph Greenhalgh

2/9th Bn. Manchester Regiment

The Ashton Pals

Greenhalgh, the name, the place, the History

  In Memory of Joseph Greenhalgh

In Memory Of Joseph Greenhalgh

Private 353008 2nd/9th Bn., Manchester Regiment

who died on Tuesday, 9th October 1917.

Poppy Locating when & where my Great Grandfather Joseph Greenhalgh fell during the Great War, was one of the primary reasons for researching my family history & started this web site. I had no information about my Great Grandfathers service history, so I contacted the commonwealth war graves commission who managed locate him, with the limited information I did have.

He served with the 2/9th Bn Manchester regiment, which lost 238 men on the day my Grandfather died which was the 9th Oct 1917. This was the day that the battle for poelcapelle, was fought.

In February 1918, what was left of the battalion amalgamated with the 1/9th Battalion to form the 9th Battalion.

2/9th Battalion, The Manchester Regiment, Territorial 2nd Line, Ashton
The regiment was attached to the 198th Brigade, which was part of the 66th Division. Below is a the full detail list of all of the brigades in this division.

  • 197th Brigade: 3/5th Lancs Fus.; 2/6th Lancs Fus.; 2/7th Lancs Fus.; 2/8th Lancs Fus.
  • 198th Brigade: 2/4th E.Lancs.; 2/5th E.Lancs.; 2/9th Manchester.; 2/10th Manchester
  • 199th Brigade: 2/5th Manchester.; 2/6th Manchester.; 2/7th Manchester.; 2/8th Manchester.
  • Pioneers: 10/DCLI

Battalion Battle Honors France

  • Ypres, 1917 Poelcapelle
  • Somme, 1918 (1st Battle) Rosieres Hindenburg Line
  • Cambrai, 1918


Click here to view Private J Greenhalgh Details on CWGC

For a hisotry of the battle in which my Grandfather died, please visit the following CWGC

  Remembering Joseph Greenhalgh, the Manchesters and all who gave their lives, Oct 2008

TynecotMy Great Grandfather, Private 353008 Joseph Greenhalgh fell and was lost to the battlefield on the 9th October 1917 and like so many he is remembered at the Tynecot memorial, Belgium.

Visiting Tynecot remains a task undone on my part, but this year my parents went to pay their respects to Joseph and all who gave their lives so that we can live ours. To the right is my Grandfathers name, carved forever in this pale weathered stone.

For my father this as close as he has come to his Grandfather, it was and I am sure will remain a moment of great sorrow, but also of pride and respect.

We have no images of Joseph, but recently I have found the most fantastic website that has allowed me to see the men of the 2/9th Bat. amongst others of the regiment. By reading of my GGrandfathers comrades my family comes closer to knowing the man and I thank Linda for running such a fantastic website.

So.. on this the 90th anniversary of the Great war's end, we remember my Great Grandfather with more knowledge and understanding. This website remains dedicated to Joseph Greenhalgh, may he forever rest in peace and know that we, his living relatives, remember with pride and respect all those who made the ultimate sacrifice.

Please do visit the Ashton Pals Website to find out more about this Territorial Regiment