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Greenhalgh, the name, the place, the History

  F46 Greenhalgh (Formally HMS Broadsword)

F46 Greenhalgh, was originally F88 HMS Broadsword. Built by Yarrow, she was laid down 7th February 1975 & completed by the 24th of January 1979, she was commissioned on the 3rd of may the same year.

HMS Broadsword was instrumental in the coordination of the rescue operation after the Fastnet Yacht Race disaster in 1980.

During the Falklands conflict both HMS Broadsword & HMS Coventry were attacked by the Argentinean airforce. The Broadsword was lucky, having a bomb go through the flight deck which did not explode, the Coventry was not so lucky needing Broadsword to rescue 170 of her crew. Broadsword successfully shot down four enemy aircraft during the Falklands conflict.

HMS Broadsword was sold to brazil in 1995 who named her F46 Greenhalgh.

The name "Greenhalgh" was given to the frigate in honor of Ensign João Guilherme Greenhalgh, a Brazilian hero and martyr. Ensign Greenhalgh was born on June 28, 1845, in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, and unfortunately had a very short military career in the Brazilian Navy. He died, fighting, on June 11, 1865, at the age of only twenty, during the "Triple Alliance War" which involved Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay and Paraguay, amid the Riachuelo Naval Battle, which was won by the Brazilian fleet in the waters of the Paraguay River. In that event, the Brazilian Ship Monitor "Paraíba" was accosted at the same time by three enemy ships. The crew (Ensign Greenhalgh included) on board the Brazilian ship engaged in a bloody fight against attacking soldiers and sailors, who outnumbered them by three. Greenhalgh stood out by his bravery in the fight. As his final battle, he fought against a much larger number of enemies who tried to strike down the Brazilian flag from the ship's mast. He ended up with his head decapitated, but the flag remained up and flying.

I would like to thank Captain Aloysio Pinto, who is the Assistant Naval Attache @ Brazilian Embassy in Washington DC, for this information.

Some F46 Greenhalgh Facts

  • Displacement 4000 tons Std 4500 tons max
  • Dimensions 430' x 48' 5"
  • Draught 19' 9"
  • Complement 235
  • Engines 2 x Rolls Royce Olympus TM3B gas turbines. 2 x Rolls Royce Tyne RM1A gas turbines & 4 Paxman Ventura diesel generators
  • Fuel 600 tons oil
  • Range 4500 NM @ 18kts

Now! if you want to find a little more about this ship then there is no place better than here
The guy who runs this site (Spider) served on her 1981/82