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Website Dedicated to
the Memory of
Pvt. 353008
Joseph Greenhalgh

2/9th Bn. Manchester Regiment

The Ashton Pals

Greenhalgh, the name, the place, the History

  Remembering Joseph Greenhalgh, the Manchesters and all who gave their lives, Oct 2008

TynecotMy Great Grandfather, Private 353008 Joseph Greenhalgh fell and was lost to the battlefield on the 9th October 1917 and like so many he is remembered at the Tynecot memorial, Belgium.

Visiting Tynecot remains a task undone on my part, but this year my parents went to pay their respects to Joseph and all who gave their lives so that we can live ours. To the right is my Grandfathers name, carved forever in this pale weathered stone.

For my father this as close as he has come to his Grandfather, it was and I am sure will remain a moment of great sorrow, but also of pride and respect.

We have no images of Joseph, but recently I have found the most fantastic website that has allowed me to see the men of the 2/9th Bat. amongst others of the regiment. By reading of my GGrandfathers comrades my family comes closer to knowing the man and I thank Linda for running such a fantastic website.

So.. on this the 90th anniversary of the Great war's end, we remember my Great Grandfather with more knowledge and understanding. This website remains dedicated to Joseph Greenhalgh, may he forever rest in peace and know that we, his living relatives, remember with pride and respect all those who made the ultimate sacrifice.

Please do visit the Ashton Pals Website to find out more about this Territorial Regiment

  Family Talent

Two of my cousins are creating some great music and I would like to share their web links with you. First up is my American cousin, Janet. Who with her fella Mick create the sound of Moonridge a band out of Nashville.

Next is Ella, who provides the vocals for a band called Fresh Legs. These guys come from Portsmouth (UK). Two very different places, two very different sounds.

I hope you enjoy the tracks they provide on their Myspace worlds..

  Kenig History.
Family Tree

Kenig or König is a family name on my mothers side, more information about this name can be found by following this link, which will detail the Kenigs in my family and the meaning of the name. If you have any questions or have information about the name please do email using the link on this page

  Gaining the detail on "Peter Greenhalgh" B Cir.1853 Part 2
Family Tree

The birth certificate for Peter Greenhalgh born Cir. 1853 has arrived and good news its the correct one. Peter was born on the 19th March 1853 at Church Street, Elton, Bury, Lancashire... It confirms his mother Ann Chadwick and also from this I can say that Ann could not write as the certificate has a cross as her mark. Also confirmed is Peters father, Joseph a stone mason.

Its great to finally validate Peters Birth, and Marriage... Peters Death of course is confirmed through the tombstone inscription

I am now moving on another family member, this time on my mothers side, a Harry Herman Kenig, and I am looking forward to bringing this news to the website very soon... so do return to see the very latest research that I have carried out.

  Gaining the detail on "Peter Greenhalgh" B Cir.1853
Family Tree

I am now working on some detailed research validating information which I have, picking one name and driving through until I have all the information I can locate.

The first name is Peter Greenhalgh, born Cir. 1853 in Bury. I started by obtaining the marriage certificate to Betsy Suthurst on the 14th September 1875. The certificate shows the Peter was 22 years old, his father was Joseph Greenhalgh, a Stonemason. His residence was shown as Elton fold, Bury and they were married in the Brunswick chapel according to the rites of the United Methodist Free Chruch.

Betsy Suthurst was two years older than Peter at 24 and her fathers name was Henry Suthurst, his occupation was a coal miner. Her address at the time of marriage was Wellington Street, Elton.

My next step is to confirm the birth of Peter and I have requested a birth certificate which I think is the correct one. I will update the website once I have this information.

  View my latest pedigree files
Family Tree

To view my very latest pedigree files please follow this link.. The tree has gained a significant number of names and vitally more detailed information. If you have any questions regarding the family file please do drop me an email.

  Greenhalgh "Preserves" history

As regular visitors know I am always looking for Greenhalghs in history and in a recent trawl across the internet I located this wonderful advert in the September 3 1925 edition of the Staffordshire Sentinel.

J Greenhalgh ltd made jams/preserves in Reddish Stockport. I have found no other information about them yet but I will keep looking.

The marketing in this advert is as aggressive as any today. "Better jams mean better health".. it's quite a claim, and it goes on to rubbish the other "so called jams" as being "pulp" and containing "Chemicals" .

It just goes to show that the advertising we see today is nothing new.

If anyone has any further information regarding this company please do get in contact or join the forum and post your information there.

The image above can be clicked to see a larger view I hope you enjoy the wonderful 1920's advert as much as I did.

  Origins and Meaning : 27-01-04

The origins and meaning of Greenhalgh are contentious areas. Some thoughts on this conundrum can be found by reading this document. You may have an alternative view! If you do then why don't you visit the forum and post your thoughts there.

To read more click here>>>>

  PDF research Documents: 27-01-04

In an effort to make my data more useable I will be producing PDF documents for you to download. The first of these is my Family tree. You may need to download PDF reader to do so click the get Adobe Reader image

To download Chart GRE1_web.PDF 234kb click here