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Kenig Family Information

  Henry Herman Kenig
Family Tree

Henry Herman Kenig, Born in Germany. He married Bertha Ann Few on December 24 1882. The certificate gives me a couple of pieces of information unknown until now. Henry's father was John Kenig, a farmer and Mary Elizabeth Few Mother of Bertha could not write. The location at the time of marriage is not very clear so I cannot be sure. its 59 ? Street...

Henry died 13th July 1908 at the age of 58. His death was registered in district of West Ham and his occupation is detailed as a Labourer. Both he and Bertha were living in Waverley Avenue in Walthamstow at the time of his death.

A question which I am asking myself now is would Bertha Ann have suffered the indignities of internment after the sinking of RMS Lusitania? Henry had been long gone by this time but did the fact that she had married a German stick to her even in his death? It will be a search which I will have to carry out at some point to find out the truth.

I believe the original spelling for Kenig is König the meaning is defined by Ancestry.com as; German (König) and Jewish (Ashkenazic): from Middle High German kunic, German König ‘king’, hence a German nickname for a servant or retainer of a king (for example, a farmer on a royal demesne); or alternatively a status name for the head of a craftmen’s guild, or a society of sharpshooters or minstrels. As a Jewish surname, it was ornamental, one of several such Ashkenazic names based on European titles of nobility or royalty.

If you are researching the name Kenig or Few do get in touch using the email link on this page